A free game of love and spongecake

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What is Love Invaders?

Love Invaders is a free game which we at Steambird hope you will enjoy! Re-enact the famous "battle of '78" in space with your alien friends. Simple to play, in classic style. How high a score can you reach?


2005-01-18: Love Invaders is now available to download! See the links above. Check back at www.STEAMBIRD.com soon for more games!


Please see the README file in the package for solutions to some common problems, and contact us (include a log if you can) if you experience a problem not listed there; we are certainly interested in any problems you may have running this game.


Here are some great pictures that have been sent in by our players. Have you created something inspired by Love Invaders that belongs here? Mail it in! [alien friends, alien frisbee, alien cider, alien picnic by hushicho]


Page illustrations by Hushicho

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